Capt. Noel Shaw

Capt. Noel Shaw

Native Charters ouT of Bradenton, Forida

Captain Noel Shaw stands as a proud emblem of a multi-generational legacy in Bradenton, FL, a place he has called home his entire life. His connection to these waters runs deep, rooted in a family history rich with maritime tradition. Growing up in Bradenton, Noel was practically raised on the water, fishing being as natural to him as walking.

But Noel’s expertise extends far beyond just fishing. His intimate familiarity with the area’s waters encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the local wildlife, historical landmarks, and the intricate network of islands and intracoastal waterways that make this region unique. When you’re on a charter with Capt. Noel, you’re embarking on a journey that’s rich in both history and natural beauty. It’s an experience that transcends the typical fishing trip, offering insights and stories that only a native with his background could provide.

Following in the storied footsteps of his grandfather and uncles, who were esteemed commercial fishermen in the Bradenton area, Noel carries on a proud family tradition. This legacy is not just about time spent on the water; it’s a deeply ingrained way of life, a craft that he has honed with respect and dedication. Noel’s pride in his heritage is evident in every aspect of his charters, from his meticulous approach to fishing to the respect he shows for the marine environment.

Outside of fishing, Noel is a man of diverse passions. He’s an avid surfer, finding peace and excitement in the Florida waves. His love for the ocean extends beneath the surface too, as he’s an enthusiastic diver, exploring the underwater world with the same fervor he brings to his fishing. When he’s not on or in the water, Noel enjoys cooking, likely preparing fresh catches in ways only a local would know. And of course, there’s Waylon, his loyal dog and constant companion, sharing in Noel’s adventures and life by the sea.

A charter with Captain Noel Shaw is more than just a fishing trip; it’s a passage into the heart of Bradenton’s maritime culture, led by a man who embodies the spirit and legacy of this beautiful Floridian gem.

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